GNSS Survey|Frequently Asked Question (5)
  • E600 GNSS Receiver
    Q1:How many constellations can the E600 track?
    A:E600 tracks all the constellations currently available around the Earth (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo).
    Q2:How to register E600 receiver?

    a. Connect the controller to the receiver, click “device register” in the “Device”, enter the correct registration code and click the “device register”.

    b. On the WEBUI management page, enter the registration code in the device registration box, confirm the input is correct and click “Registration” to complete the device registration.
    Q3:How to turn off voice broadcast of receiver?

    a. Enter the WEBUI, find the voice switch in the settings page and turn it off.  

    b. Controller Software→Device→Device Setting, turn off the “enable voice”, and click “OK”.
    Q4:Can the base station and rover station be interchangeable?
    A:The difference between the rover station and the base station is that the accessories are different, the function and hardware configuration are the same. You can use the controller to choose the working mode of the device and set it as the base station or rover station.
    Q5:What is CORS?
    A:CORS is called a continuous operating reference station system. It can be understood as a base station that is erected at a fixed known point and works continuously for 24 hours, and sends its own data to a specific server through the network. The use of CORS operation eliminates the need for a base station, and CORS is equivalent to a base station in a normal network operation.
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