G639 High Precision Beidou Handheld

G639 is a high precision Beidou handheld based on Android Operation System

  • High-Precision Positioning : Use professional positioning module to support high precision differential algorithm, access RTCM difference, easily achieve sub-meter level positioning precision.
  • Helical Antenna: All-corners signals reception, without missing any weak GPS signals, can receive satellite signals well at all angles.
  • Smart call, one-click intercom (optional) : Use UniCall software to realize group intercom, audio and video communication Information, data transmission, scheduling assistance, message instruction notification, location sharing, etc. The PTT button on the left can implement one-button intercom function.

 Android 7.0 Operating System

Equipped with Snapdragon quad-core efficient processor, Android 7.0 operating system.

It supports user-defined installation of industry application software to meet richer application scenarios.

 4G Network

Supports 3, 4G networks, fast and efficient Internet access 


IP68 protection level, resistance to 1.8 meters drop, sturdy and durable. Handle complex working conditions with ease.

 Large capacity battery

Detachable 4000mAh large-capacity rechargeable low-temperature battery, energy-saving technology, lasting battery life, easy to handle high-intensity work all day long.

Highlight sunlight screen

Use 3.2-inch Blan View to highlight sunlight screen

Clearly visible in sunlight, supports operation with gloves and wet hands.

Standard collection software

 Supports point, line and area spatial information collection and customization of collection attributes

Supports seven parameter conversion, supports common GIS data format export

Supports built-in map, navigation along the road and online navigation.

  • PDF
    G639 data sheet
    PDF file,417KB,published Mar.4.2020
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