E300 Pro GNSS Receiver

New Generation Dynamic GNSS Receiver E300 PRO

  • The interface adopts a concealed design for better protection, and Type-C charging and transmitting is a two-in-one function.
  • The body is made of magnesium alloy, which is rugged and has better EMC characteristics. The weight of the whole receiver is only 940g
  • Check the battery level anytime with the unique LED power indicator.

E300 Pro GNSS Receiver

The shape design of E300 Pro is inspired by flying saucer, which means future technology, and supports satellite station differential and satellite chain life, quick connection, intelligent voice, tilt survey, etc. The body is made of magnesium alloy, which is rugged and has better EMC characteristics, it creates a high-grade aesthetic feeling, simple yet sophisticated.

E300 pro new inertial navigation RTK series. We use new GNSS technology, 800 tracking channels, fully support BDS3 satellite signal mechanism, support for 31 frequency points to achieve support for all GNSS satellite systems and all frequency bands. The petite body of 940g was wedged into the combined antenna, 4G full Netcom module, and full band compatible with radio and intelligent operating system. The smaller, the more powerful.


IMU inertial navigation integrated positioning technology

E300 PRO integrates multiple sensors such as GNSS, IMU, magnetometer, thermometer, etc. With the help of Kalman filter algorithm, the device can dynamically output the position, speed and attitude information. It can measure and make real-time dynamic sampling without the need of leveling.


New combined GNSS antenna

For better radio signal quality, e300 pro integrates GNSS, Bluetooth, wifi, 4G main and auxiliary antennas on the top of the receiver to ensure the best signal reception in all directions. The innovative RF connector greatly improved the connection reliability, while reducing the loss of gain.

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    E300 Pro GNSS Receiver Datasheet
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