ET100 Driving test system

Driving intelligent test system solution

  • Wide range of system applicability
  • High detection accuracy
  • High work stability
  • Flexible monitoring methods
  • Secure and reliable test data
  • Easy to install and use
  • Meet the individual requirements of customers

ET100 Driving test system

ET100 Examination System for Vehicle Driver's Scene-Driving Skill adopts the latest high-precision satellite positioning/direction technology, space attitude detection technology, automotive OBD data acquisition technology, broadband wireless communication technology, HD network video surveillance technology and computer technology. The system can realize the Vehicle Driver's Scene-Driving Skill automatic test including small cars, large and medium-sized vans and tractors and realize information management and visual monitoring of the test process.



Wide range of system applicability 

High detection accuracy 

High work stability 


Flexible monitoring methods


Secure and reliable test data 

Easy to install and use 

Meet the individual requirements of customers

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    ET100 Driving Test System Datasheet
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Frequently Asked Question (1)
Q :How many satellites does the receiver need to implement differentials?
A :At least 6 satellites.
Frequently Asked Question (7)
Q :In the configuration tool, 'Coordinate Convert Parameters', click 'Read Configuration'. Why does the device restart?
A :The "coordinate convert parameters" in the configuration tool are only used on the rover station. The base station does not need to make a projection.
Q :What does the number in the “Output statement selection” in the configuration tool rover station settings column represent?
A :

1). Original statement output: $GPGGA $PASHR $GPRMC

2). Trimble statement output: AVR VGK

3). CHC statement output: $GPHCD 

4). StarNeto statement output: $ GPHPD 

5). Comnav statement output: $GPTRA $PTNL, PJK
Q :In the network mode, click “Read Configuration” in the configuration tool. Why not display the previously set IP address and other information?
A :The IP address needs a valid address, and the device should be connected to the network, so click on the "read configuration", the IP address can be displayed.
Q :Can a dual antenna receiver be a base station?
A :Yes, it can be the base station, and the antenna can be installed at the position of the rear antenna.
Q :What is the role of the front and rear antenna of the driving device?
A :The front antenna surveys the heading and the rear antenna surveys the position.
  • Frequently Asked Question (1)
  • Frequently Asked Question (7)
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