UB100 USVs surveying system

Advanced automatic unmanned surveying vessel

  • Lightweight, small size
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Support "ATLAS"
  • Support for multiple sensors
  • Information integration exchange technology
  • Automated operation and return
  • Triple-hulled vessel design
  • New pump system

UB100 USVs surveying system

The UB100 USVs surveying system can fill the gaps in the hydrological survey where the unmanned surface vessel is unreachable or difficult to reach, such as danger, shoal and near shore, and it truly achieves high-precision, automatic and high efficient working mode. The all-weather, automated and high-precision real-time acquisition of the geographic information system of the survey area can be widely used in industries such as conventional surveying and mapping, water conservancy and hydrology, waterway, environmental protection and disaster emergency, and other related departments.





Lightweight, small size

The hull is made of high-strength fiber-reinforced FRP material and weighs only 30kg. It can be handled by a single person.

Autonomous navigation

The fully self-developed driving system supports autonomous navigation and is suitable for a variety of waters.

Support "ATLAS"

The positioning module supports the "ATLAS" star station differential system, centimeter-level positioning accuracy anywhere in the world.

Support for multiple sensors 

Equipped with standard flange, it supports single-beam, multi-beam echo sounder, ADCP, water quality analysis, etc.

Information integration exchange technology

Support multimedia information technology, the system supports the data transmission of GNSS positioning data,GNSS differential data, bathymetric data and video surveillance data.

Automated operation and return

Set the navigation task to automatically drive, when the control signal is interrupted, the system automatically returns to ensure safety.

Triple-hulled vessel design

The UB100 uses a triple-hulled vessel design to provide more stable navigation, better seakeeping and less resistance, effectively reducing roll and pitch during navigation.

New pump system

The new streamlined fence filter protects the propeller from being c aught by fishing nets and plastic bags with a turning radius of less t han 1 m. 

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    UB100 USVs Surveying System Datasheet
    PDF file,736KB,published Feb.1.2019
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