P9 Pro Controller

Professional industrial grade wince surveying controller

  • 3.7-inch display
  • OTG USB interface
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Eighth generation ublox GNSS module

P9 Pro Controller

P9 Pro will bring whole new experience to the users, excellent industrial protection, long standby time, and high work efficiency, which is suitable for hand-held operation. P9 Pro has faster running speed and operating efficiency, single 3400mAh smart battery can work continually for 10 hours, supports GPS/GLONASS/BDS, Single frequency B1 / L1 wave band.



3.7-inch display

3.7-inch second-generation display, resolution 480*640, transmissive type display, clearly visible under strong light, normal display at high and low temperatures.

OTG USB interface

The mini waterproof OTG USB interface is an abbreviation of On-the-Go USB, which is mainly used for connection of various devices or mobile devices with data exchange.

5 megapixel camera

Clearly capture live pictures.

Eighth generation ublox GNSS module

UBLox eighth generation GNSS module, support GPS / GLONASS / BDS, single frequency B1/L1.

  • PDF
    P9 Pro Controller Datasheet
    PDF file,1082KB,published Jan.31.2019
Frequently Asked Question (2)
Q :What’s the operating system of P9?
A :Windows mobile operating system.
Q :How many models does P9 have, what is the difference?
A :P9 is divided into P9LITE and P9PRO models. P9PRO has GNSS module, camera and GPRS module, while P9LITE does not. Others are the same.
  • Frequently Asked Question (2)
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