E100 GNSS Receiver

Compact network GNSS receiver

  • Multi-constellation satellite tracked
  • Built-in 4G network module
  • Made of magnesium alloy material
  • Support to receive the L-BAND satellite signal
  • Web UI
  • Support TTS intelligent voice broadcast

E100 GNSS Receiver

100 is a smart receiver with compact design, which can track multi-system satellites, built-in large-capacity lithium battery and support PD fast charging, integrated combination antenna, GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G as a whole, wireless signal is better. The GNSS satellite Signal Noise Ratio is increased by 2DB on average, and the RTK performance in a complex environment is superior, the lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy body has excellent performance and high cost performance.

 Multi-constellation satellite tracked 


Built-in 4G network module
Faster network login, more stable network communication.

Made of magnesium alloy material

Lighter and stronger.

Support to receive the L-BAND satellite signal
One receiver can achieve centimeter-level positioning.

Web UI
Access the Web page, complete the receiver configuration, download data, firmware upgrade, view status, etc. through the mobile phone, tablet and other handheld devices.
  • E300 Pro Introduction

  • PDF
    E100 GNSS Receiver Datasheet
    PDF file,19843KB,published Jan.29.2019
  • PDF
    E100 GNSS Receiver Quick Start Guide
    PDF file,1337KB,published Jun.28.2019
  • PDF
    E100 GNSS Receiver Datasheet(Portuguese)
    PDF file,2825KB,published Apr.9.2020
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