TRU35 Wireless Data Transceiver

Wireless Data Transceiver

  • All in one
  • Radio Relay
  • Power Protection
  • Good Heat Dissipation
  • Thermal Protection
  • IP67 Protection
  • Bluetooth Function
  • Long Transmission Distance

TRU35 is a high-power, small-size, half-duplex digital radio model which is designed using advanced 32-bit cortex M4 microcontroller technology, wireless transceiver RF technology, and digital communica-tion technology. It uses highquality RF components, excellent EMC and EMI processing. 



All in one

Integrated with transmitting and receiving functions.

Radio Relay


Increase the transmitting distance by receiving data and transmitting out using different frequency.


Power Protection


Two-stage surge protection is used to protect the radio from damage when the input voltage or current exceeds the normal range or positive and negative stages are reversed.


Good Heat Dissipation


One-piece molded case makes it easy to perform good heat dissipation.


Thermal Protection


TRU35 can adjust the transmit power adaptively, automatically reduce the power when temperature is too high, and increase the power when temperature decreases. Ensure radio equipment is always in a stable power range and will not be damaged by overheating.


IP67 Protection

Bluetooth Function


Bluetooth can be used to configurate operating mode, protocol, frequency, power level as well as receiving data and transmitting out using radio.


Long Transmission Distance


Transmission distance can reach 14Km with high power level (Optimal conditions)







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    TRU35 Wireless Data Transceiver Datasheet
    PDF file,519KB,published Jun.8.2020
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