Nov. 1,2018
INTERGEO2018, here we come!

On October 16th, the annual German International Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Exhibition INTERGEO2018 kicked off in Frankfurt. As the world's largest exhibition of geodesy, geographic information and land management, INTERGEO is hosted by the German Association of Surveying and Mapping, Geographic Information and Land Management and it is the annual event for the surveying and mapping industry. 628 companies from Germany, the US, the UK, China, Italy, Canada and other countries participated in the exhibition, with about 17,000 visitors.

 This exhibition is the first time eSurvey has exhibited, and it is also the first appearance of products such as eSurvey series. On the first day of the exhibition, it has attracted the attention of many professional visitors.

 This time, the E100 E600 E800 GNSS surveying and mapping products were exhibited. Advanced components such as EA31 EA32 antenna and mechanical control technology products such as ST4 and EA204 auxiliary navigation systems, which attracted many participants to communicate.

 This exhibition has achieved success. In the future, eSurvey will continue to focus on developing leading surveying and mapping technology and satellite navigation applications, and look forward to cooperating with partners at home and abroad to promote the development of national brand.


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